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High-level, professional jobs growing in the local BPO industry

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In the New Kingston offices of Centennial Legis Solutions Limited, there are as many as 75 Jamaicans hard at work in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry on any given day.

Their main daily tasks do not involve answering phones and providing customer service, which are the job functions typically associated with the industry. They are a mix of experienced attorneys-at-law, recent law school graduates and paralegals who provide a range of legal services in the company’s legal process outsourcing (LPO) centre.

The brainchild of Dr Velma May Brown-Hamilton, Centennial Legis Solutions is the first local business dedicated to LPO, a sub-segment of the BPO industry. Brown-Hamilton, who serves as president of the company, made the bold move in February 2016 after doing thorough research on the area and speaking with JAMPRO President Diane Edwards.

Jamaican Workforce

“For years, I’ve been looking up information online, and my interest in legal process outsourcing grew over time. After speaking with JAMPRO’s president, Ms Edwards, and learning about the agency’s interest in developing that area of the BPO industry, I decided to make the investment and start an LPO centre,” she said.

Brown-Hamilton noted that her decision to start Centennial Legis Solutions was strongly influenced by the quality of the Jamaican workforce and the “flood” of legal professionals and students in need of employment.

“LPO provides excellent job opportunities for persons in the legal field. They no longer have to think that the only option is the traditional sense of practising law. They can work in the centre for clients from all over the world.”

She indicated that the services offered by the LPO centre include legal research, large and small litigation document review, policy drafting and review, contract template creation, and virtual support staff. She added that employees in the LPO centre have the benefit of flexible work hours and industry-specific training to meet the needs of clients. This training is provided by the Law College of the Americas (LCA), which is also operated by Brown-Hamilton and located on the same premises.

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