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About the GSAJ

The Global Services Association of Jamaica (GSAJ) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The GSAJ represents Information Communications Technology and the Global Services Sector, and related companies doing business in Jamaica.

The GSAJ’s overall goal is to lobby the government on behalf of the ICT-GSS operators to improve the operating and regulatory environment, to assist member companies as a group in positioning their interest and competitive advantages; and to promote the image of the business sector in Jamaica, the region and the World.

The GSAJ represents the interest of the Information Communications Technology and the Outsourcing Sector.

Outsourcing includes: GSS, KPO and ITeS sub-sectors. The GSAJ strives to create a business environment conducive to the growth and development of Jamaica’s outsourcing industry.

Our Vision


Jamaica, the leading English-speaking Outsourcing destination in the region

Our Mission

Represent, Grow, Diversify

To represent, grow and diversify Jamaica’s outsourcing industry thereby creating quality jobs for its citizens by supporting and attracting businesses in the industry across the country.


It was established in 2012 by a group of operators with commonly identified needs and objectives to advocate for better policies and interventions geared towards increasing the competitiveness of the ICT-GSS industry. The Association is supported by the Jamaican Government and allied industries such as education and training, telecommunications, construction/real estate, financial, amongst others. Its primary objective is to address the needs and interests of its members, specifically as they relate to the business process outsourcing sector in Jamaica to facilitate the continued growth and development of that industry.

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Board of Directors

2022 – 2023 Administrative Year

The GSAJ Board of Directors is the elected body with responsibility for developing the vision, focus strategic direction of the GSAJ to grow and develop Jamaica’s outsourcing industry. The Board, who participates on a voluntary basis, can be elected from the various categories of membership. The GSAJ has a Board Charter which outlines their roles and responsibilities.

Anand Biradar
Andrew Fazio
General Secretary
Wayne Sinclair
Lynda Langford
1st Vice President
Nigel Thomas
2nd Vice President
Jaime Vergara
3rd Vice President, Kingston
Debra Fraser
Leezo Wallace
Mark Kerr-Jarrett
Jake Becker
Olivia Leigh-Campbell
Service Provider Director
Gloria Henry
Immediate Past-President
Gordon Brown
Legal Counsel
Gloria Henry
Ex-Officio Member, MBFZ
Egbert von Frankenberg
Ex-Officio Member, GSSC
Conrad Robinson
Ex-Officio Member, JAMPRO