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The largest English-speaking territory in the Caribbean
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Jamaica’s GSS Industry

The Global Services Sector (GSS) industry in Jamaica is a priority industry and the Government of Jamaica is working to improve the business environment through policies and strategies to main its competitiveness and viability.

Jamaica has been successfully attracting GSS operations since the early 1990’s and has seen the establishment of local entities as well.

Jamaica is currently one of the biggest GSS markets in the Caribbean and Central America region and the leading English-speaking countries in the region. To date, Jamaica’s GSS industry represents 9% of the region’s market. Operations in Jamaica range from data processing and customer care to full GSS operations such as insurance processing, tech support, graphic designing, etc.

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Why Jamaica?

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking territory in the Caribbean which provides a competitive advantage for firms looking to outsource in the region. Our trainable labour force currently stands at 1.3 million. Noted as a service destination alongside our cultural affinity to the North American market makes Jamaican the viable option for your outsourcing destination.

Jamaica continues to be the home of several global industry entities such as Conduent, Teleperformance, Sutherland Global Services, Concentrix amongst others. With over two decades of operations and continued growth in the industry; Jamaica stands as a main competitor in several areas including customer relationship management (outbound and inbound), finance and accounting, software development, recruiting and talent development.

The Government of Jamaica has highlighted the GSS as one of its priority sectors. The GSS industry has been listed as a key industry in the National development Plan and Growth Agenda. Various Ministries and State agencies have been working in public-private sector partnerships with the industry association to improve the business environment, maintain competitiveness and propel further industry growth.

Jamaica is emerging as the preferred English-speaking destination for nearshore outsourcing. Located within 3-6 hours flight radius to major cities, with frequent flights to numerous airports in North America and worldwide.

On average, a reduction by 40-60% in the cost of operations recorded by firms doing business in Jamaica.



Largest English-speaking territory in the Caribbean. A very dedicated and productive workforce with a low attrition rate.



Sophisticated telecommunications structure, transportation network and real estate.



Strong government support, attractive investment climate and socio-economical stability.



40-60% savings in cost of operations.

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First world experience cultural affinity and similar time zone.

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